Waggies by Maggie and Friends sells all-natural dog treats that are made to be enjoyed by dogs of all sizes and palates. We currently sell Peanut Butter, Chicken-Flavored, and Sweet Potato treats, in both bone-shaped biscuits and “WaggieBits” kibble. All Waggies are made fresh each baking day, and shipped as soon as possible to ensure your pup receives a treat of the highest quality.

  • Peanut butter products contain: Whole wheat flour, organic peanut butter, skim milk
  • Chicken-flavored products contain: Whole wheat flour, chicken broth, corn oil, cornmeal
  • Sweet potato products contain: Sweet potatoes, whole wheat flour, corn oil

Bone-shaped biscuits are approximately 2 inches long, and kibble pieces are approximately 1/4 inch squares.

We use premium, all-American ingredients in our products.  All packaging and labels are also produced locally in the Wilmington, Delaware area.