• Waggies moved to a permanent kitchen located at Elks Lodge #307 in Wilmington, DE
  • Elwyn, DE begins marketing Waggies at the Wilmington Farmers’ Market in Rodney Square


  • We bid our friends at St Paul’s and Aldersgate churches a fond farewell after seven years as Waggies grew to need larger and more permanent baking space
  • Ben’s Special Ventures in Allentown, PA becomes a Waggies distributor
  • Introduced new product “One for the Road” that is distributed throughout three states in various retail outlets
  • Invited by the Delaware Chamber of Commerce to participate in “A Taste of Delaware” in Washington DC


  • Received order for 5,000 specialty door hangers from Hillside Oil in Newark DE.  The campaign is so successful, Hillside  reorders in 2014
  • Participated in Wilmington DE’s “A Perfect Gift”  for the third year


  • Waggies staff trains the Students in Transition program from Elwyn, Inc. in West Chester, PA
  • Featured in “Out and About” magazine December 12, 2012


  • Introduction of new flavor:  Sweet Potato Yammies
  • Waggies has ten employees and a waiting list of applicants


  • Wilmington Trust orders Waggies for the branches that offer dog treats. Number of retail locations double
  • Grant money awarded for operational expenses


  • Burns & McBride, a local home heating company, supports Waggies with an order of 120,000 treats that they include with their deliveries.
  • St. Paul’s United Methodist Church becomes the second baking site when Waggies adds two more baking days.
  • Media coverage recognizes Waggies as a viable business.


  • Christine Rockwell joins the Waggies team as a partner.  An advisory board is formed.
  • Internet sales begin.
  • Volunteers become an integral part of the company.


  • Leigh Corrigan and Mary Ann Nolan, of Wilmington, Delaware, form Waggies by Maggie & Friends with their daughters, Maggie and Elizabeth.
  • Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Wilmington, Delaware offers its commercial kitchen to the small group and the first large batch of treats is baked and packaged.
  • Wilmington’s Apropos Gift Shop and Janssen’s Market are the first retail locations to stock Waggies.