Meet our awesome bakers, who put a lot of time and effort into making great treats for your dogs.

Photo of Maggie

Maggie is “the” Maggie of Waggies by Maggie & Friends. Over the years, she’s held many jobs, with delivery and promotion being her favorites. One of our vet customers always requests Maggie as its delivery person. Maggie joined Waggies in 2007.

Elizabeth and her best friend, Maggie, joined their mothers as founding members of Waggies.  Elizabeth brings laughter and contagious energy to work. Waggies Bits are Elizabeth’s favorite treat to bake – and eat! Elizabeth joined Waggies in 2007.

Photo of Laura

Laura knows every step of the baking process and happily teaches newcomers. She can run the entire operation at Waggies, from the kitchen to the packing, to the delivery. Laura is a hard worker, greets everyone, never misses a birthday and is very flexible! Laura joined Waggies in 2007.

Matt is the chef and “Mix Master” who begins each morning with recipe in hand. His culinary skills set the production pace for the day. Matt is the designated DJ during cleanup time which results in a spotless kitchen. Matthew joined Waggies in 2008.

Melissa is the bits expert. She sets up her station independently, uses the unique kibble equipment and follows through with packaging the finished product. She is also an expert kitchen cleaner. Melissa joined Waggies in 2009.

Brendan is one of our baking associates who does an excellent job of packaging the popular “two packs”.   Brendan’s energy and focus is his key to success. Brendan joined Waggies in 2009.

Brice has the sole responsibility of labelling our product. His speed and accuracy are unparalleled.  Perfection is his standard. Brice joined Waggies in 2017. 

Amy radiates positive energy and happily tackles any assignment at Waggies. Diligent and team spirited, she makes sure the aprons and towels are clean and ready for the next day. Amy joined Waggies in 2012.

Maura is positive, soft-spoken, attentive and a fantastic team player. Her favorite task is weighing the bones and she also excels at cutting and packaging the dog treats. Maura joined Waggies in 2014.

Rainey places the peanut butter, sweet potato and chicken bones into bags and gets them ready for delivery. She also helps fill the large boxes of “two-fers” for shipping. Rainey joined Waggies in 2021.

Colin is a master at kneading the dough, running it through the sheeter and bringing it to the bakers to be cut and placed on the trays.  He also shares responsibility for mixing the dough, managing the dishwasher, and loading orders for delivery. And he loves to clean! Colin joined Waggies in 2019.

Laura’s joy for life is evident in all that she does at Waggies from her morning greeting to her quality work cutting and packaging bones. Laura joined Waggies in 2022.

Grace loves seeing her friends at Waggies. She ensures each baker has sheeted dough to cut. She also excels at cutting and packaging. Grace joined Waggies in 2019.

Harry is a returning baker and we are so happy to have him back! He wears his signature shorts year-round and is an expert cutter. His passion for music makes him ideal as the kitchen DJ during clean-up. 

Matthew started working at Waggies in 2024. Matt’s forte at Waggies is packaging. Matt has perfected the scale and is a perfectionist at weighing and cleaning bone stackers and containers.

Meg has been a Waggies volunteer for many years. In 2024, she joined our baker workforce and has been a ray of sunshine. Meg excels in cutting bones as well as packaging our healthy treats. She is always asking where she can be of help and is a great teammate with the other bakers.

Shareese came to Waggies from Service Source, a job training and placement program in 2023 and upon her graduation was hired as a baker. Shareese is a quick learner and mastered cutting bones in no time. Shareese is always asking for new jobs where she can be helpful.